Brings you the natural beauty and health secrets of Moroccan women

Mahra, created by women for women, brings you the natural beauty and health secrets of Moroccan women who carry the traditions of this ancient art, whispered generation after generation, secrets that hold the key to complete serenity and relaxation, from hammam, skin therapy, massage, beauty treatments and organic products for an all in one relaxing experience.

Managing Director

Mahra Experience

Mahra is an arabic word that refers to a lively women who is the epitome of freedom and high regard. Mahra Spa is to remind every women that she is a Mahra- unique, beautiful and deserving of relaxation through a lifelong cleansing ritual that was created by women for women. In Mahra, you can expect to be treated with the utmost respect as all of our products are natural and made from the best ingredients, after all, a Mahra deserves nothing less. Through the walls within Mahra, you can expect to discover and remember who you truly are, a reflection of all that is natural and beautiful.

Your Safe Space

A safe space from the troubles and daily chores, through Mahra we allow ourselves a chance to step back, breathe, prioritize ourselves and feel the daily stress and anxiety melt away. We invite you to discover your individuality through connecting mind and body, because you deserve the care you keep giving everyone else.

Connect With Beauty

Our facilities are specifically designed to connect you with authenticity and beauty, our walls echo a harmonious balance, a unique mixture of oriental and eastern elements with traditional and contemporary designs, a hidden dream from the bustling city.


Our products are represented by premium brands. Customization of our customer needs it's essential for us.

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Pay with your credit card at the end of your treatment.

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All of our customers will have free Wi-Fi access in our establishment.


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Mahra’s ambiance, aesthetic and services will provide the customer
with a contemporary experience of a traditional ritual.